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Digitiger's Blog
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Welcome to a programmer's blog with prime focus on Delphi & Pascal

Satisfying journey of 20+ yrs, but salivating for more

Expreinced with more than two decades of programming and a long list of satisfied clients/patrons.

Let the innovation continue

Happy to be involved in DueDelegence and/or initial research or brief POC in your chalanging projects, if you so desire

Digitigation means simplimfication for user

I strongly believe that digitization does not means any process or UI to be complex even if the underlying process is ultra-complex, people like me are meant to pull out that complexity from user’s end and hide it inside my implementation

Me as I see myself in a mirror

I think of myself as one who
continue to attempt to travel the road less traveled and step out of comfort zones,
time and again. Passionate to learn pure and rational sciences, my real professional
journey has its roots in Software development, Sales & Marketing and above all
managing and nurturing Relations of all sorts most importantly Customer
Relations Management. I am an analytical, insightful, & highly-disciplined problem
solver with a demonstrated ability to identify & secure project resources, & provide
the quality leadership that invokes committed professional participation from all
involved. Maintaining meticulous attention to detail, inspiring team accomplishment,
& delivering quality, on-time project execution are areas in which I excel.

My Professional profile as PDF

A few reasons due to which I could of use

Recognized & proven Skills

An Embarcadero recognized Most Valued Professional (MVP), providing satisfactory, efficient yet in-expensive S/w services  & Full Stack Managing services to clients across globe including those from France, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Korea, Australia, Surinam & of course across the Indian subcontinent

Proven by History

History of delivering with excellence: setting purposeful goals & achieving them through Demonstrated Strategic Thinking abilities, enterprise wide perspective, intelligent actions, while balancing competing priorities without losing momentum behind execution and yet working within Budget boundaries.

Relationship Management

RM with all stake holders including Investors, Directors, Executives, Team Members and most importantly Customers relationship management using wide array of tools including demi-visible Social Networks Campaigns.


Well versed with ALL versions of Delphi including Firemonkey and Kylix, Multiple Databases inclduing Oracle (DBA), MS SQL, MySql. DB2, Interbase, Firebird, DBISAM, Absolute, DBase, FoxPro etc  and schema/Query/Pl-SQL  designing/ normalization/ optimization.

Delighted with MVP T-shirt

Just got a symbolic T-Shirt from the team of Jim McKeeth at Embarcadero (now Idera) Me wearing MVP T-Shirt in front of my 48″ Monitor screen

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What’s cooking………..Long time, no see?

Well my dear readers, let me first apologize for being missing from action for a significant amount of time But belieive me, I do hope to make it up God[…]

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Well its 23 years since Delphi 1

Well it still seems like yesterday, but believe it or not, Delphi 1 was released 23 years ago on February 14th 1995, during the Software Development Conference 95 West. Borland[…]

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Contact me

While our main base is in Shillong, Meghalaya, we have smaller teams based in different major cities in India including New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. You are welcome to contact us with any requirement matching our field of expertise or any feedback/suggestion, and we shall be glad to get back in touch:

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