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Coming soon – New Android feature

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Coming soon – New Android feature

After a specific invitation based download of beta version of WhatsApp on Android platform (version 2.17.340) , I just reviewed a new functionality introduced by WhatsApp for Android platform.

This new feature allow users to free up space on Android device without deleting required or desired things. I understand that this feature has already been available on iOS for some time now. To use this , a user needs to

a) go to Setting menu on Android,
b) select Data & Storage (earlier released version have “Data usage here)
c) Select Storage usage

After above menu selection, the application would take some time from few second to upto 2 minutes depending on storage media, number of whatsapp group on device and files in them and ultimately, it would display different statistics as which conversations (contact and/or group wise) are taking how much of storage space with their respective breakdown for all types of messages including texts, GIFs, Videos, images, Audio messages, Documents, Locations, contacts etc. More importantly a button captioned “Manage” at the bottom of the screen, lets users choose and mark individual chats/files for deletion so that now one can decide intelligently as what to retain and what to trash!

This new feature will leave enough place and free up the space occupied by unnecessary stuff on your Android device.


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