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RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney-Release 1

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RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney-Release 1

RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney – Release 1 is just released!!!!!!!!!
Key quality focus areas include:

  • IDE
  • Delphi Code Insight (LSP)
  • Parallel Library
  • SOAP & XML
  • C++ Toolchain
  • FireMonkey
  • VCL 
  • Delphi Compiler
  • iOS Deployment

RAD Studio 10.4.1 includes all fixes from 10.4 Patch 1, Patch 2, and Patch 3.

Also included in 10.4.1 are over 800 quality improvements, including 500+ quality improvements for publicly reported issues.

For now, that’s it folk. Its 03:41 am here in India and I have started downloading the ISO. Let me catch some sleep while it downloads. Will be back soon after trying it …till then happy exploring 😉

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