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Suggest ideas for Authoring Delphi Book

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Suggest ideas for Authoring Delphi Book


Recently a publishing house approached me to write a book related to Delphi. Though they left most of the details like its scope, depth, and its target readers etc to me, but I think they prefer it to be targeted at either totally fresh or perhaps not very experienced developers.

In this regard, may I request you esteemed visitors to suggest the topics and other things for this forth coming books please.

I would be thankful if you leave your suggestions in the comments below.

10 Responses

  1. WEBER ALAIN says:

    Hello Sunil, if you want we can work an a book on Delphi 3D fmx (windows & Android). You publish it in english and for myself in French. I have wrote a Manual (100 pages) i use when i teach Delphi. Best regards
    Alain Weber 33 6 09 80 19 66

    • sunil says:

      That sounds interesting Alain. Though for this particular project I am sort of encouraged by the publisher to write for freshers but perhaps yes your suggestion for Delphi 3D FMX app could surely form some sort of sequel to first book or could be worked upon as an independent one,
      would surely love to explore further

  2. Jim says:

    The relationship of libraries to Delphi?

    • sunil says:

      Yes, Thank you Jim, that part I would surely like to cover. At least one chapter on its basic and how to handle them and what are the normal issues, which developers face while using third party libraries. And hopefully another chapter to either write own custom libraries or to customize others and then share them with other developers.

  3. Robert Lawrence says:

    How to write components
    Interfacing to real world devices

    • sunil says:

      Thanks Robert. Point noted with thanks ….. would surely incorporate this topic with at least one real life example

  4. Ian says:

    How about Delphi for Python? The recent videos seem to suggest there is interest in the subject and from personal experiance I could do with some help ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sunil says:

      Thanks for suggestion Ian, yes there seems to good interest in that subject also but unfortunately I myself am not that good with Python, at least not yet ๐Ÿ™

  5. Al C says:

    Once you’re past rock-paper-scissors, notepad clones, “dog is an animal” OOP intros, and single table CRUD apps, there is little to help advanced beginners know where to go next. Personally, I don’t even know what to learnโ€”what should come next, what should wait until later. I would probably benefit from a feature tour kind of book, probably something with chapters introducing topics similar to the forum titles on Delphi-PRAXiS. I want to become a competent, generally knowledgeable coder. I’d love something that helped me truly understand the concepts, with Delphi example code. Chapters could end by showing me a simple application applying the ideas that I should be able to make. The book would not include the source code; that could go in a GitHub repo for _after_ I tried making the app on my own.

    • sunil says:

      Thanks for your suggestion. In fact I was thinking on similar lines to start with introduction to IDE, and then starting with a simple project, and keep adding new components along with added functionality in each chapter and continuing with appropriate unit testing at each level in each chapter and ultimately deploying the finished application and then monitoring/updating the same in some sort of mini production environment

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