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Well its 23 years since Delphi 1

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Well its 23 years since Delphi 1

Well it still seems like yesterday, but believe it or not, Delphi 1 was released 23 years ago on February 14th 1995, during the Software Development Conference 95 West. Borland has a vendor presentation followed by a party at the Exploratorium.

And I was lucky that a friend who returned to India, from San Fransisco in mid 1995, brought a big box containing a few books/manuals and a few 3.5″ (or was it 5.25″ ones?) floppies and fortunately or unfortunately, he himself was not able to spare time to explore the bundle and instead handed it over to me to see if it could be of any use to me! Since than, for almost 23 years I have never been able to overcome the WOW factor and rest is history!

I know, if you are even remotely related to or interested in Delphi then there would be tons of Blogs and articles published on the web within last day or two so I would not bore you all with my thoughts on same but instead let me share a few historical material related to this  …….

Of course, like always, you all are very welcome to share your thoughts and any feedback/comments at the bottom of this page please.


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